2. Hanseatic Military and Medical Intern Conference (HaMMICon)

Soldaten bei der Verwundetenversorgung
Hanseatic Military and Medical Intern Conference (Foto: Sandra Herholt)

Military conflicts of modern times have shown that only close international cooperation will resolve them, both militarily and politically.   Those of us who have been deployed on international operations know how important it is to rely on and trust one’s partners. The catchword is “interoperability”.

Reliability, trust, interoperability are based upon familiarity with our partners. The earlier we get to know our partners, the more familiar we are with each other. Taking part in international exchanges as young medical officers is an investment in one’s own future.

We would like to invite you to attend the 2nd Hanseatic Military and Medical Intern Conference (HaMMICon) at the Bundeswehr Hospital Hamburg from 4 to 8 May 2020. The conference is an international meeting that gives us the opportunity of getting to know each other as soldiers and physicians.

Our target group are physicians during their first clinical years at the beginning of their military and medical careers in a special environment. We wish to offer the participants the opportunity of getting to know the medical service of the respective participating nation and to jointly advance their knowledge of military medicine.

And all that in the Hanseatic metropolis of Hamburg which has always considered itself a host to the whole world. Be it the port of Hamburg or the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College – this is where the world comes together.

The key topics are:

• Organisation of the participating medical services

• Tropical medicine in the country of deployment

• Revision course propaedeutic

• Simulation and hands-on workshops

• Tactical combat casualty care

• Tourist visit of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg with its landmarks, numerous sights and cultural treasures.

We hope to see many of you at the 2nd HaMMICon in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. When the HaMMICon is over, you may visit the 831st “Hafengeburtstag Hamburg” festival, the largest harbour festival in the world. We offer you the opportunity of watching the famous Grand Arrival Parade (which starts at 1400 hrs) from an excellent viewpoint.